Keep Your Vehicle in Perfect Working Order With Our Car Servicing in Ashford

Most manufacturers have their own recommendations for how often customers should have their vehicles serviced. Generally, it’s around once per year. Car servicing is a lot like a check-up at the GP’s, it helps identify problems early on and is thus preventative rather than reactive. So if it’s been a while since your last car servicing appointment, call Mercury Cars Ashfordon 01784 420 444. Our car servicing is thorough, honest, transparent and affordable to boot. Below, we’ve listed some of the attractive benefits that car servicing affords…

The Benefits of Car Servicing

Fuel Economy – Ensuring your vehicle undergoes regular car servicing can save you a significant sum of money over an extended time span, as it keeps your vehicle fuel-efficient. With the cost of fuel as high as it is these days, Mercury Cars Ashford clients quickly recoup the initial cost of a service.

Extended Lifespan – Another economic boon is that car servicing can drastically extend a vehicle’s lifespan. The cost of replacing a vehicle, getting it insured, MOT tested etc. can add up and quickly get out of hand. So keep your current vehicle well looked after with regular car servicing, and it’ll thank you with its performance.

Reduced Repair Cost – While the costs that car servicing help you save at the pump are gradual, the savings you can make by properly maintaining your vehicle and avoiding the need for car repairs are much more noticeable. A poorly maintained vehicle could suddenly experience a fault and need a new component, which even at Mercury Cars Ashford, can prove expensive. Car servicing reduces the likelihood you’ll require these repairs.

Safety – You can’t put a price on road safety. But with car servicing as affordable as it is, especially at a competitive garage like Mercury Cars Ashford, you don’t have to! Our mechanics can spot emerging issues that could otherwise worsen and put both your life and the lives of fellow motorists in danger. We can then recommend appropriate car repairs, protecting you against a roadside accident.

To book in car servicing at Mercury Cars Ashford, call our friendly team of mechanics on 01784 420 444.