First Choice for DPF Cleaning in Ashford & Wider Middlesex

Do you drive a diesel vehicle? Chances are you have a diesel particle filter (DPF) fitted. These prevent microscopic pollutants from escaping into the environment via your exhaust. However, over time these filters can clog up. This results in a number of symptoms, including:

  • Loss of power
  • DPF warning light illuminated
  • Vehicle in limp mode
  • Failed DPF regeneration attempts
  • Strong smell of diesel in vehicle
  • Rising oil level
  • Poor MPG

Once blocked, a DPF filter cannot regenerate properly. Options like forced regeneration or the use of chemical cleaners will only work short-term, and to limited effect. This is where Mercury Cars Ashford comes in. We’ve partnered with DPF Centre to offer a full DPF cleaning service. This banishes all the soot and ash which have clogged up your filter in a safe, environmentally friendly way.

How DPF Cleaning Works…

DPF cleaning is a simple, straightforward process. A Mercury Cars Ashford engineer will use cutting edge equipment to conduct an airflow test. After we’ve ascertained how blocked the filter is, we’ll carry out a three stage cleaning process. Then we’ll dry the filter, and carry out another airflow test to ensure that your filter is unblocked and returned to optimal functionality.

All clients visiting Mercury Cars Ashford for DPF cleaning will receive a 12 month guarantee on their DPF filter, providing the vehicle has no related faults present. To read what past clients have gained from DPF cleaning, visit our testimonials page.

To learn more about DPF cleaning or book in an appointment at Mercury Cars Ashford, pick up the phone and call our friendly team on 01784 420 444.